IKEA kitchen campaign. http://www.zivotjednekuchyne.cz Brief- promote IKEA kitchen and special offer - for each 5000Kc spend, you get 500 back Our idea- the more you put in, the more you get back The guy starting with basic kitchen, start cooking simple meals, make mistakes, cooks again. Bigger kitchen, frieds comming over..... he puts more and more effort, kitchen grows with him, and his life goes on and on..

Introduce the current promotion in form of story telling the life of an ordinary kitchen.
Parallax HTML5 microsite telling a story of Frantisek and his kitchen. Using scrolling as a mechanism to view the animated story. Each story section has its own music which we composed specially for the purpose of this website. IKEA products are showcased in each kitchen taking part of the story
Client : IKEA
Agency : Kaspen/JUNGv.MATT Prague
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